The Jocko Podcast is hosted by retired US Navy SEAL and Combat Veteran, Jocko Willink along with co-host Echo Charles where they discuss about leadership and discipline in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

The Jocko Podcast began in late 2015 after Jocko Willink appeared on The Tim Ferriss Show and Joe Rogan Experience where hosts Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan prompted Jocko to start his own podcast.

Jocko Willink hosts veterans and people who overcame tough challenges to understand lessons from their life. Some of the guests on the Jocko Podcast are Jordan Peterson, Tim Ferriss, Peter Attia, Kyle Carpenter, James Mukoyama, Roger Hayden, Dick Thompson, Pat McNamara, Dan Crenshaw, Tim Kennedy, Dakota Meyer, Rob Jones, Kirstie Ennis, and more.

The Podcast also covers books on war and history and has answers to listener’s questions to Jocko Willink.