Jocko Podcast 64 w/ Andy Stumpf: A Debt That Cannot Be Repaid. The Value & Cost of Freedom.


Andy Stumpf is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with almost 17 years of combat experience. After his decorated career in the military serving the U.S. Navy, he has moved on to other missions in life that have taken the form of being a professional skydiver, public speaker, and podcaster.

Andy is the host of the Cleared Hot Podcast and was the guest on Jocko Podcast 64 discussing everything from growing up in Santa Cruz and enlisting to getting wounded and pursuing other missions in life.

Here are our takeaways from the Podcast.


  • You’ve got to have a balance of learning things from the experts and time being on the saddle to become an expert at something
  • Pattern and Recognition to know what will and won’t work. This comes from having time on the saddle


  • Andy Stumpf was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California
  • His father was a U.S. Navy veteran who manned the 50 caliber machine guns on the Mark I Patrol Boats in Vietnam
  • Andy’s father owned a Masonry company and worked as a mason after years of military duty
  • Andy started working with his father from the age of 11
  • Once while returning home after a masonry work, Andy heard his father talk about Navy SEALs and the description of SEALs got his attention
  • Andy started researching about SEALs and decided that he wanted to be a Navy SEAL
  • He brought the U.S. Navy recruiter home while he was 17 years old in his high school and his parents signed for him
  • He showed up for BUD/S Training in January of 1997 when he was 18 years old


  • Andy Stumpf’s first deployment was to the Kadena Air Base in Japan for training the partner forces
  • His second deployment was to Guam for 6 months and he and his buddies were excited to be training for the supposedly ‘One Big Mission’ coming up  (‘The Big Mish’)
  • His first combat operation was to Iraq after the 9/11 incident where he was on a helicopter targeting the number one Chembio target in Iraq. Right before the helicopter touched down, the door gunner fell over with injuries to his head. Andy tied his jacket on the door gunner’s head and took off for his first combat operation.
  • He had been to Iraq 3 times and to Afghanistan 5 times during his combat years
  • On his final deployment to Iraq, he was shot at the hip from about 15 feet from an AK-47 gunshot
  • He returned as a BUD/S instructor in 2006 and submitted his package to become a commissioned officer
  • He deployed to Afghanistan for his last mission as an Operations Officer with most of the SEALS he put through from the BUD/S training
  • He medically retired from the U.S. Navy on the last day of June 2013


  • Andy struggled a little bit to find a purpose after retiring from the U.S. Navy
  • He wanted to make America a better place with the skillset and knowledge that was embedded in him by the wonderful people he had the fortune of working with
  • He spends half of his year working towards the goal of making the world a better place than he knew it and the other half of the year he spends jumping out of airplanes and cliffs on a wingsuit
  • He broke two world records while jumping from 36,500 feet on a wingsuit – farthest distance traveled before opening the parachute and the farthest distance traveled after opening the parachute. He flew 18.25 miles and raised 150,000 dollars for the Navy SEAL Foundation
  • He is the host of the Cleared Hot Podcast

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