Darryl Cooper 224: In An Uncertain World, Stack The Deck In Your Favor


Darryl Cooper is a U.S Navy Sailor and the host of the Martyr Made Podcast. He is a hardcore reader and delves deep into the history of conflicts and human nature in his podcast.

He was the guest on the Jocko Podcast 224 discussing everything from his childhood and upbringing to joining the U.S Navy and starting the Martyr Made Podcast.

Here are our takeaways from the Podcast,


1. There is a coin toss luck involved in shaping our destinies. However, according to Jocko Willink, never let that coin toss. Because, more often than not, the toss doesn’t go in our favor. Control what you can and try to never give luck a chance of deciding the fate.

2. “Don’t do dumb shit!” – Jocko Willink


15:25 – Darryl Cooper from Martyr Made

42:50 – Darryl’s personal story on how some people go through life reacting to circumstances than taking control of it (Hilarious story!)

1:42:36 – Darryl Cooper on deciding to start the Martyr Made Podcast

2:18:08 – Darryl Cooper talks about his sister Jessica and naming his podcast ‘Martyr Made’


  • He was born to a teenage mom of 17 years of age
  • His father left him at the age of 2
  • He was born in Stockton, California
  • He moved several times during his school years
  • He moved to Montana during high school and saw a different world – one that was safe and secure where people trusted each other
  • He had two sisters – Lindsay and Jessica
  • He has glimpses of memory of his childhood due to excessive moving
  • He took care of his sisters and had to deal with a tough childhood with a single mother
  • He took care not to be affected by the things happening around him while at home but at times he had to vent out his anger at school
  • He was a reader all through his life and that helped him ace his SAT exams for College Admission


  • Darryl Cooper joined the U.S Navy after an uneventful year in College where he figured out that he was going nowhere
  • He went through Bootcamp in 2001 and went into the Technical School of the U.S Navy to work on the Aegis Weapon Systems
  • He aced through Bootcamp and the tests before being on board his designated ship
  • Given the track record, Darryl was expected to perform great with the crew members on his ship. However, due to the lack of good leadership, Darryl pushed the boundaries of good conduct and found him nearly kicked out of duty
  • The saving grace for Darryl was after his 3rd Captain’s Mast where he was given a 45-day restriction and 45-day of extra duty for something he had technically not been at fault for. While he was proving his point to his Chief, a fellow sailor from 1st class and an LPO who had been at loggerheads with Darryl up until then stepped in and asked Darryl if there was no part played by him at all for him being in that position then. Darryl couldn’t argue anymore and had a change of attitude which enabled him to straighten up and turn into a good leader soon


  • Darryl Cooper’s obsession with books, especially the ones involving history and conflicts made his friends suggest that he start a podcast – Martyr Made was born then
  • For his podcasts on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, Darryl received many ‘Thank You’ emails from people from the Middle East including service members of the Israel Defence Forces
  • The inspiration for the name ‘Martyr Made’ was Darryl youngest sister, Jessica, whose suicide in 2009 brought together a broken family which had its origins from Darryl’s great grandmother from Serbia and great grandfather from Mexico moving to America to start a family together


  • Darryl Cooper and Jocko Willink are collaborating for a Podcast series called ‘The Thread’ which will be out soon

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