London Real: Dan Bilzerian Interview Notes

Dan Bilzerian talks about life as a millionaire playboy, pleasure, psychedelics, friends and happiness, girls, IGNITE, poker, and more.

Dan Bilzerian is a poker player and internet celebrity. He gained popularity showcasing his millionaire playboy lifestyle on social media. He has one of the largest Instagram follower bases with over 30 million followers. Dan Bilzerian is the CEO and founder of IGNITE, a global lifestyle brand positioning itself as an industry expert in cannabis and CBD, and venturing into apparel and beverages.

Enjoy the takeaways of the conversation drafted concisely in this London Real Dan Bilzerian Interview Notes.

Key Takeaways

  • Dan Bilzerian earned his millions playing poker. He showcased his millionaire playboy lifestyle to the world through social media.
  • Dan Bilzerian is unapologetically himself and hates political correctness.
  • He received more popularity through negative press than positive ones.
  • He used social media as a tool to get more girls.
  • He subtly bragged about his lifestyle on social media to accomplish the mission.
  • People are afraid to step out of the box, according to Dan Bilzerian.
  • Fame and money are isolating.
  • Pleasure is not the same as happiness.
  • The downfalls of fame are lack of privacy and being scrutinized for everything done.
  • Money raises the living standard and sets the bar high and when one falls below the bar, it can make them unhappy.
  • The current generation is overstimulated with all the things available at their fingertips, according to Dan Bilzerian.
  • Money and fame can make things happen which are advantages.
  • Social Media Marketing has created highly reputable brands like Bang Energy and Revolve.
  • Traditional giant companies are only slowly discovering the platform.
  • Girls stay with Dan Bilzerian for many reasons – desire to be famous, more adventure, more fun, desire the lifestyle, getting back at their boyfriends, and more.
  • Dan Bilzerian finds no upside for him in marriage. The whole idea is flawed according to him.
  • People stay stuck in relationships because they are lazy, stuck in the routine, and are afraid of the unknown.
  • Dan Bilzerian focuses on his company IGNITE and wants it to become a global brand.
  • Poker is highly stressful and involves a lot of psychological warfare.
  • Dan Bilzerian advises guys to spend a lot of time with women to get to know how to act around them.
  • Don’t chase girls and don’t be afraid of rejection.
  • Set your lifestyle for girls to chase you. They feel like they accomplished something when they chase and catch you.
  • Dan Bilzerian is honest with the girls around him and expects the same from them.
  • He hates losing, is competitive, and is not afraid of taking risks.
  • Working out every day is non-negotiable for Dan Bilzerian.
  • He wants to be the President of the United States.
  • Dan Bilzerian advises 20-year-olds to think outside the box, be willing to take risks, and not be afraid to fail.

Dan Bilzerian Quotes

  • “I think fame is isolating, fame and money too.”
  • “The more the spotlight is on you, the more you kind of don’t want it.”
  • “Pleasure seeking it’s not the same as going after happiness. It’s more fleeting.”
  • “If I had a kid, I wouldn’t choose to make him famous. I’d let him make that choice because it’s not something you can kind of go back on. Once you’ve picked that genie out of the bottle, it’s kind of hard to stuff it back in.”
  • “I think happiness comes more from having good friendships and doing things with your friends. I’d say that’s where I get the bulk of my happiness.”
  • “The thing about money, the reason that it makes you unhappy is because it basically raises the bar.”
  • “Money and girls is like a black hole. I feel like there’s never enough.”
  • “When you stop being afraid to fail is when you’re going to start succeeding.”
  • “If there’s one thing that gambling taught me is that… if you want to do something great you’ve got to take some risk. There’s not a super-rich guy out there that’s hasn’t taken some serious risk.”

Attitude and Social Media

Dan Bilzerian never wanted to do a 9 to 5 job. He also doesn’t like being given instructions.

  • Dan Bilzerian is unapologetically himself.
  • He doesn’t like the Political Correctness (PC) culture.
  • He used social media as a tool to get more girls.
  • He subtly bragged on social media to accomplish the mission.

Fame and Money

  • Fame and money make people isolated, says Dan Bilzerian.
  • There are both negative and positive things that come with having money.
  • Fame has more headaches than positives.
  • Money raises the bar of living standards and when you fall below the standard, you become unhappy.

Pleasure and Happiness

Dan Bilzerian feels that real happiness comes from good friendships and spending time with friends.

  • Pleasure is not the same as happiness.
  • Pleasure is more fleeting.
  • Happiness comes from good friendships and spending time with friends, according to Dan Bilzerian.
  • Doing fun things with friends doesn’t cost much.
  • Dan Bilzerian is happy when he is hanging out with friends, on an adventure, connecting with people, surfing, being out in the sun, working out, and doing different things.


Dan Bilzerian is a proponent of psychedelics and his company IGNITE is involved in cannabis and CBD products.

  • Dan Bilzerian takes magic mushrooms in small amounts while in nature which gives a different perspective on things.
  • Brian Rose says that he gets lessons from Ayahuasca experiences.
  • Ayahuasca experiences can last for 12 hours.
  • Brian Rose says that he can open the eyes and walk after 3 hours.
  • Dan Bilzerian wants to try out new psychedelics starting with smaller doses.

The Effect of Social Media

  • People are overstimulated due to social media and are not living in the moment, according to Dan Bilzerian.
  • Traditional companies are slow to catch up with the changes in social media.
  • Giant companies have been built solely on Social Media Marketing.
  • Bang Energy and Revolve are examples of companies using social media for targeting their audiences.

Girls and Relationships

Dan Bilzerian has many girls living with him. He talks about his millionaire playboy lifestyle.

  • Girls stay with Dan Bilzerian for many reasons – desire to be famous, more adventure, more fun, desire the lifestyle, getting back at their boyfriends, and more.
  • Money and girls are like a black hole. You can never have enough – according to Dan Bilzerian.
  • There are no upsides in marriage for Dan Bilzerian.
  • He feels that the idea of involving properties and the government in marriages is flawed.
  • He advises guys to not chase girls and not be afraid of rejection.
  • He wants them to get comfortable talking to girls.
  • He advises to set up life in a way that girls come to them.
  • The dynamic is different when girls chase as opposed to guys chasing.
  • Dan Bilzerian is honest with the girls and expects the same from them.


Dan Bilzerian wants to make IGNITE a global lifestyle brand. The company is involved in cannabis and CBD products. It has also ventured into beverages and apparel.

  • IGNITE reflects the personality of Dan Bilzerian – not conforming to rules and doing what makes you happy.
  • Dan Bilzerian says that cigarettes are not good.
  • IGNITE wants to release only the best products. They are careful to not release sub-par products.
  • IGNITE has expanded into the UK and Mexico. They are planning to expand to Canada and the Middle East soon.

Poker Days

  • Dan Bilzerian got into poker at the right time and exited at the right time.
  • Poker is stressful with a lot of psychological warfare involved.
  • If you are rich, you can lose crazy amounts of money.
  • Dan Bilzerian started playing poker in 2003 and went broke in 2005.
  • He was fearless initially which spiked his reputation as a player.

Navy SEAL Training and Working Out

Dan Bilzerian did not graduate after two Navy SEAL training. He feels that it is good that it happened.

  • Dan Bilzerian did 510 days of SEAL training but did not graduate.
  • He credits the training for his discipline in training and diet.
  • Working out is a non-negotiable part of the everyday life of Dan Bilzerian.

Future Dreams and Advises

  • Dan Bilzerian wants to become the President of the United States.
  • He feels that with the money he has, he is incorruptible.
  • The things that you regret in your life are the things you don’t try, not the things that you try and fail at – his fatherly advice to his 20-year-old self.
  • He advises 20-year-olds to think outside the box, be willing to take risks, and not be afraid to fail.

Other Notes

  • Dan Bilzerian has Armenian citizenship apart from U.S. citizenship.
  • He acknowledges that luck is involved in success.
  • Dan Bilzerian is influenced by the works of Henry David Thoreau and Alan Watts.

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