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Georges St-Pierre (@georgesstpierre) a.k.a GSP is a Canadian Professional Mixed Martial Artist who competed in the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion, having defended his Welterweight Championship nine times.

With an MMA record of 26-2, St-Pierre is considered as one of the greatest fighters in Mixed Martial Arts history. He vacated his Welterweight title in 2013 to take a break from fighting and returned in 2017 and defeated the then reigning Middleweight Champion, Michael Bisping to become only the fourth fighter in the history of the UFC to be a multi-division champion.

GSP was the guest on London Real with Brian Rose where he discussed his MMA career, comeback after losses, mindset, other interests, and life as a martial artist.

Here are our takeaways from the conversation.


  • GSP believes that fighting is a part of us
  • No matter the sport, when we see excellence, we instantly know that it is something special.
  • GSP doesn’t like fighting but likes the lifestyle that fighting has given him
  • Fighting is like a movie with different endings. You have to analyze how any fight can go in any direction and be prepared to face it.
  • There is a lot of physical and mental preparation needed for fights
  • Look at failure as a way to get better and learn from mistakes
  • After the defeat to Matt Serra who was an 11-1 underdog, GSP had to mentally restore himself before avenging the defeat
  • The best fighter doesn’t always win the fight, it is the fighter that fights the best who wins.
  • To be the best at something you have to be a little bit crazy
  • GSP being bullied as a kid in school and learning to fight back helped him during his fights
  • Later in life after becoming the UFC Champion, GSP met his school bully near a store where he was begging. GSP gave the money he had on him and told him to get a job and improve his life. The bully did get a job and thanked St-Pierre.
  • The use of steroids made GSP consider taking a break from fighting in 2013
  • It is a night and day difference when a fighter is on steroids and not on steroids
  • Before every single fight, GSP is scared to death
  • He tells himself, facing a mirror, that he is the best before walking out for every fight. He puts a mask of invincibility on himself and fakes it before he makes it.
  • Intermittent fasting has been really beneficial for GSP
  • Death is what scares Georges because he doesn’t know what will happen after it
  • Every day, before you go to bed, get yourself closer to your goal.
  • Life is too short to waste time.


  • “Bigger the risk, bigger the reward.”
  • “The fights are always won on mundane stuff that you do every day.”
  • “You can be afraid and confident at the same time.”
  • “Sometimes when you lose, you can lose and learn a good lesson.”
  • “I’ve lost before many times. But I’ve never lost for the same mistake twice.”
  • “I always look at a failure as a way to get better and learn from my mistake.”
  • “It’s not always the best fighter that wins the fight. It’s the fighter that fights the best.”
  • “If you want to be the best at something, you need to be a little bit crazy, I believe. You need to be obsessed, because if you’re not obsessed, if you don’t put as much energy into it, you will not get there.”
  • “Before every single fight, I’m scared to death. I’m at the edge of crying.”
  • “Fake it until you make it.”
  • “Win big or lose big but go 100 percent. That’s how it should be done in the fight game.”
  • “When you study the past, it makes you understand the present, and help you predict the future.”
  • “I don’t train because I have a fight or I’m planning to fight. I will always train.”
  • “Before you go to bed tonight make yourself closer to your goal.”
  • “Don’t wait. Just do it now.”
  • “Life is too short to waste time.”


  • Since English is not his first language, GSP feels that he will not be able to talk trash back effectively to trash talkers.
  • He received a lot of trash talk for his Middleweight title fight against Michael Bisping but GSP believes that Bisping is a nice person on the inside


  • GSP trains smart for his fights. He ensures that he does not injure himself during training.
  • When a fight is on the horizon, he is always on the edge and ensures that he is physically getting ready every day till fight day
  • GSP visualizes his opponent training and pushes himself to train more and better than his opponent


  • Physical preparation without mental preparation is ineffective because when the lights are on if one is not mentally prepared, he can falter and fall short.
  • GSP visualizes his fights and ensures that he is mentally ready and confident for every fight
  • Before walking out for every fight, he goes to the bathroom, locks the door behind him, looks himself in the mirror, and motivates himself by saying that he is the best and that he will decimate his opponent. He puts on the mask of invincibility as he walks out to the octagon.


  • GSP learned a lot from his losses to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra
  • He put Matt Hughes on a pedestal after his loss to him at UFC 50
  • However, after he beat him and when he faced Matt Serra for his title defense, he did not think much of Serra which resulted in him being beaten by Serra.
  • Matt Serra was an 11-1 underdog in the fight against GSP and he shocked everyone
  • GSP could not get over his loss against Serra and carried the baggage with him
  • He consulted a Sports Psychologist who told GSP to carve the name ‘Matt Serra’ on a brick and have it with him. When GSP felt that he needed to get rid of his thoughts about Serra, he could throw the brick out. One day, GSP went outside and threw the brick away which relieved him a lot and let him focus on upcoming fights.
  • GSP avenged his loss to Matt Serra in the rematch when he beat Serra by a Technical Knockout (TKO)


  • Georges St-Pierre always visualized his opponent and his fight all through his training camp leading up to the fight
  • He trained smart and was analytical of every aspect of his fight game and mixed his skills to outwit his opponents during fights.
  • He always learned from failures and never failed for the same mistake twice
  • He focused on his fights and put all his energy into becoming the best he could become
  • He is a martial artist at heart who does things to perfection and is always looking for things to get better at.
  • GSP put together the different martial art forms he had learned to defeat opponents in their own game


  1. Colby Covington
  2. Kamaru Usman
  3. Israel Adesanya
  4. Jon Jones
  5. Henry Cejudo
  6. Francis Nnganou
  7. Amanda Nunes
  8. Khabib Nurmagomedov


  • GSP is interested in Paleontology (the study of fossil animals and plants) and was exploring it during his time off fighting
  • He grew up drawing pictures of monsters and dinosaurs and was interested to know more about extinct creatures
  • He hosted the TV Show “The Boneyard with Georges St-Pierre” where he visited fossil sites to learn more about prehistoric predators.


  • GSP is a big proponent of underwater training as it has less impact on the joints and enables athletes to work smarter
  • He is working on an acting project which has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic but which will hopefully be released in 2020


  • GSP is uncertain if he would tell his 20-year-old self some advice because he thinks that the outcome could have been different if he had not been as addicted to his goal as he had been.
  • The best advice he received was to end his visualization on a positive note. Even though at times he might have a negative visualization of something, he received the advice to stick to the negative visualization and visualize correcting the situation, gaining the upper hand, and ending on a positive note.
  • His advice to 20-year-olds is to work towards their goals every day. He says that life is too short to waste and advises young people to not wait and start doing things.


  • Michael Bisping
  • Nick Diaz
  • John Danaher
  • Renzo Gracie
  • Matt Serra
  • LeBron James
  • Michael Jordan
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Connor McDavid
  • Pelé
  • Diego Maradona
  • Nate Diaz
  • Carlos Condit
  • Burt Watson
  • Jean Claude Van Damme
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Steven Seagal
  • Chuck Norris
  • Royce Gracie
  • Kimo Leopoldo
  • Dana White
  • BJ Penn
  • Dan Severn
  • Mark Coleman
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Jesse Owens
  • Andre De Grasse
  • Colby Covington
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Israel Adesanya
  • Jon Jones
  • Henry Cejudo
  • Francis Nnganou
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Greg Jackson
  • Firas Zahabi
  • Freddie Roach
  • Batman
  • David Loiseau
  • Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone
  • Jacque Fresco
  • Wim Hof
  • Dr. Jason Fung
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Canelo Alvarez
  • Dennis McKenna
  • Sadhguru
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Elon Musk
  • Graham Hancock
  • Roger Gracie

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