“Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche

friedrich nietzsche Quotes on Love & Life:

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.
To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.
We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.
Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes.
A pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love.
The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions.
Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.
Art is the proper task of life.
I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible.
Life is that which must overcome itself again and again.

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

friedrich nietzsche Quotes on happiness, truth & Lie:

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
How little it takes to make us happy! The sound of a bagpipe. Without music life would be a mistake. The German even imagines God as singing songs.
In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.
The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.
What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.
The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
Underneath this reality in which we live and have our being, another and altogether different reality lies concealed.
People are always angry at anyone who chooses very individual standards for his life; because of the extraordinary treatment which that man grants to himself, they feel degraded, like ordinary beings.
I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.
It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!



Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, and philologist. His work has exerted a profound influence on modern intellectual history.

Nietzsche began his career as a classical philologist and became the youngest person ever to hold the Chair of Classical Philology at the University of Basel in 1869 at the age of 24. In 1879, he resigned from his post due to health problems.

Nietzsche completed most of his core writing in the following decade. He is the writer of influential books like The Gay Science (1882), Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883), Beyond Good and Evil (1886), and many others.

Nietzsche’s life and work influenced writers and poets including Nobel Laureate André Gide, English writer D.H. Lawrence, noted Japanese polymath Yukio Mishima and others, as well as philosophers such as Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Ayn Rand, Leo Strauss, Michel Foucault and Bernard Williams among others.